STOCKade Fencing Staplers

Inventors of the world's first pneumatic and cordless gas powered fence stapling systems. The better, faster and safer stapling solution for every wire fencing job.

  • Good for mesh fencing, very fast and easier on my hand than a hammer. The right depth of drive is critical; tool does this job well and I note that the staples seem to have the same holding power as hammer driven staples.

  • Having tested the ST400, I didn’t want to give it back. Great for post fencing and I look forward to it working on insulators. Very fast: I did a fence that would have taken me 5 hours in only 1 1/2 hours and the worker I assigned the job was back at 9am. I asked him "why he was back", he said "it was because he had finished the job". What a labour saver, I can charge the same but get the job finished quickly and onto the next job.

  • I have the easy job of stapling the fence, Dave has the harder job driving the Skid steer.

  • These tools have revolutionised fencing the way the post rammer did in the 1990's

  • This ST400 tool is amazing! Did the same amount of posts in 8 minutes as I did with a hammer in 25 minutes!

ST315i Batten Stapler      ST400i Fence Post Stapler
ST315i Cordless Batten Stapler   ST400i Cordless Post Stapler
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